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August 04, 2006



I think this is a great post Bahar, but you left out some key players like Corbis, while including FlickR, which is a photo sharing site, not an agency. Any reason why you did this??

Bahar Gidwani

I felt that some Corbis content overlapped (and would just have made an already strong point, stronger). Some is so different (their celebrity and historic) and unique that it stands to one side from the saturation I was discussing. It is hard to clearly divide these two parts of their collection, from one another. (Getty makes this easier.) Plus, I barely had room for the seven sites I chose to work with!

Re Flickr. I've seen a number of press mentions of Flickr artists getting awards, requests to use their images, and assignments. I've also had clients mention that they like looking at Flickr and other similar sites, as a way of seeing "what's new" and what "real people are looking at, and thinking about." I was troubled by the HORRIBLE inconsistency of the tagging on Flickr (they call keywording tagging--I assume because it sounds more cool and hip!). That means that any search on Flickr is likely to be much less accurate than on a site like ours. However, it also means there are probably thousands (millions?) of images with the subject matter you are looking for, that are buried deep in the site. So, per my point of saturation, I think they are contributing to the phenomenon and, if they ever their act together on their tagging and licensing, could become a big player in the industry.

Thanks for the comment.


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