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April 07, 2006


Robin Liao

Hi Bahar,

This is a very educational read. As an image provider that rely on distributors (including Indexstock), we never would have thought of this issue if it wasn't for your post. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Liao

Jeff Greenberg

It is possible to offer all ranking options to buyers by having drop down "ranking" menu that allows buyers to control type of ranking. Why isn't THIS strategy sweeping stock industry?

Bahar Gidwani

Two reasons it is not sweeping the industry:

1. Putting the images an agent owns (if you own images, which we don't) first, makes more money for the agent. Greed conquers all!
2. Customers are not very interested in search complexity. I've seen all kinds of special search features come and go. 99.9% of customers just want to type in a word or two, and then page through the images.

We added what I thought was an interesting option to We allowed users to decide if they wanted the default operator in searches to be "AND" or "OR." So, one person would type in "child with toy" and see ONLY images of children AND toys. The other would see all of our children and toy images, then, all of our children images, then all of our toy images. (Make sense?) The ten percent who notice it, seem to like it. The rest just take whatever our search gives them, and trust the "we know best."




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